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The Nutshell, The Deal, How It Works

Disclaimer: If you are a "Typical" Sales Manger, VP of Sales, CRO, Owner, or CEO, you better buckle up! You will need a seatbelt on to hear this show.


Our Podcast is fiercely dedicated to the ground floor sales men and women who are the real heroes for any company as they navigate the day-to-day grind of sales and the nonsense that goes with it.

Every week we bring you a topic you can relate to and have experienced yourself.  We make fun of it, we discuss it, and then it's you turn... You get to let it all out! We interview you anonymously and listen to your pain, your situation, your yelling, your frustration, 

And who knows... We might give you some really good advice or really bad advice based on our own experiences. You just never know!

We're all Gerry's in this game together!

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2 Sales Idiots

Gerry Nation Lives!

Exploring the BS, nonsense, and comical side of the Sales Profession with 2 idiots who are there just like you.

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New Episode Every 2 Weeks

VP of KPI's

Who The Heck is Jerry?

Who The Heck is Gerry?

Great question and we're glad you asked.

In order to protect our guest's identities, they are all named "Gerry".  The name works for men and women and that's what we are going with. So, you are either in or you are out on the Gerry deal. 

If you real name is Gerry, you probably don't want to sign up to be a guest or become a member of Gerry Nation. Sorry about that!

We Feel You Gerry

We Feel You Gerry...We Feel You.

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We can't do the show without you Gerry.

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